Thursday, July 23, 2009

2009 Hot Wheels Main Line Packaging

Anyone collecting would have already noticed the new packaging. It is a variation of the 2007-2008 packaging with the colored bar on a slight angle and a major addition of a rendering of the car found in the package. I do like the artistic style of the renderings and they have done a great job in making the look consistent throughout the lineup. It is also worth noting that the coloring and rim styles is an accurate representation of the variations too. It seems like a lot of extra work to get every car rendered that way, and I'm curious as to how they do it, what programs they use, etc.

I do like the new style of packaging and very much appreciate the effort put into the rendered depictions of the cars. Great job!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2010 Lotus Evora Matchbox

Yes, I know its not a Hot Wheels car, but Matchbox is a Mattel company so they are like close cousins. Anyways, I saw this one and had to pick it up. One of my favorite new cars. I am a fan of Lotus and this new Evora captures my attention. Matchbox did a fine job of recreating the car, and the blue metallic paint looks great. A darker interior would help it, and those rims give it the unique Matchbox feel, which sometimes does some harm to the look of the model, though in this case I can't complain.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2009 First Editions - Nissan GT-R

Another awesome year for new castings. I have a bit of time now so i will try to capture my thoughts on the year so far. Some of my favorite cars old and new have been or will be released in 2009 as First Editions.

The Nissan GT-R is a car that defies classification - It has a shape that does not accurately come across in photos or even in the spotlights and pedestals of a car show. To truly appreciate its design is to see one in its element - on the road. It has a certain presence. As good as the Hot wheels version is, I'm afraid that "road presence" was not captured in the mould. Before I pass judgement I would like to see it in a darker colour - maybe blue, with a heavier tint to the glass. With the amout of variations and repaints I'm sure they'll capture the magic a bit more.

Monday, July 20, 2009

2009 Hot Wheels Mystery Cars

This year the mystery continues with the release of the 2009 Mystery car series. I have mentioned my feelings about this series in previous posts, but in typical Mattel style they managed to come up with another gimmick to keep my interest. This years Mystery car lineup contains the regular assortment of repaints with one interesting twist. The #2 of 24 is the Ferrari 430 Challenge. It is a magnificent casting with awesome tampos - and in beautiful red no less. You can't search the pegs for this car as a First edition. You can only find it behind the black bubble. I was very pleased when a family member brought a few back and the Ferrari was among them. I have the pics from those at my new hot wheels collecting web site. As in the past, I don't think I will be collecting too many of these as I am not keen on getting too many doubles, but the prospect of having another Ferrari is still tempting...