Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All Time Favorite List - 1998 First Editions #6 - Jaguar D-type

Another favorite from the collection: a classic racing Jaguar D-type from the 1998 model year. This one is based on the legendary Le Mans race car produced in the mid 50's. This Hot Wheels model is a fantastic scale recreation. The detail is great, but not over-done (I like the molded gray side exhaust). The car feels heavy in the hand due to the die-cast metal on top and bottom. The seam is higher up than typical models which adds to the unique look of the race-car. Dark blue metal flake paint is striking and compliments the elegant shape of the car.The tampos are true to the period and very evocative of 50's era racing with the large numbers and front stripes. Trivia fact: the #4 Jaguar D-type was not the winner of the 1957 Le Mans, but came in 6th position. The #3 D-type was the overall winner that year.