Thursday, June 21, 2007

Black Ferarri 599 GTB

I found the Black Ferrari 599 today. It looks slick. I have said before that I am a Ferrari fan and so I am usually biased about these things. The casting is pretty good as these things go but something doesn't look quite right about the interior. I bet tinted windows would be an improvement.

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Bunch of New Finds

Today I was pleasantly surprised to find a few new 2007 First Editions on the pegs. First, this Humvee from the GOLD series. These really catch my eye. This is the second one I found - I think I will try to get the whole set.

Next is the black "Hot Bird" I have the black and purple ones - I like the 80's cars.

This Old Number 5.5 looks great in yellow or red.

And the Track Stars series is interesting because of the quality of the castings. I recognize a lot of these cars as special series cars from the 35th anniversary year. They were not released as "regular" Hot Wheels before.

Now This is a great hot rod colour scheme! It is a reverse of the other version I have from a few months ago.

And then I saw in front of me a few new models which do look very nice. This is the CCM and It has a great metal flake gold paint job.

I looked a bit deeper and found the "Nitro Scorcher" AKA "Ferracin'"

But my hunt was not complete until I found this beautiful Ferrari 250 LM: I do love a nice vintage racing Ferarri. Mattel knows to make it red for Farrari fanatics like myself.