Friday, February 4, 2011

Hot Wheels 2011 - New Packaging

In addition to all the new things happening in the world of Hot Wheels, we have a new look to the standard mainline packaging again this year. The rendering of each individual car (complete with actual color and rim variations in most cases) is a great feature added last year and I am glad to see that it will continue to be featured even more prominently this year. What wont be returning are the mystery cars series.

In total it looks like there will be 244 mainline releases including 50 First Editions.

The breakdown looks like this:

2011 Main Line                                                    244 Models

  • 10 segments (10 cars each): 
    • Faster Than Ever™
    • MuscleHeat Fleet®
    • HW City Works™
    • HW Drag Racers™
    • HW Main Street™
    • HW Performance™
    • HW Racing™
    • Muscle Mania®
    • Nightburnerz™
    • Street Beasts®