Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hot Wheels 2011 Premieres Update

2011 is barely a month old and so I figure I should post before the new models flood in. As usual, I will make the New Models my focus. So far I have been able to snag 6 different models (with one variation). It is also nice that they are pretty much in order compared to last year when the first models to show up were all over the range. The First Editions I have been able to acquire are all posted on my collection site, and I will show the thumbnail links below:
The Danicar - a nice start for the first of the year
Gran Torino - Inspired by the film, no doubt

What Hot Wheels model year would be complete without a few Mustangs?

Classic Corvette
Looks great in white, but hard to see against my regular backdrop
Where there's a Mustang, a Camaro can't be far behind... or in front?
A modern Musclecar by Dodge, the GM and Ford boys can't have all the fun!
readers should know my preference for Italian exotics.