Monday, August 3, 2009

2009 Special Features - Ferrari 512

Opening engine covers, lift off bodies, fold out wings, extending wheels, opening doors and even a whistle. These are all considered "special features" that can be found in some Hot wheels cars. For 2009, some great examples of special featured cars make up a great collector team named "Special features", of course. One of my favorite "hood openers" (or bonnet for some overseas readers) is the Ferrari 512. In true endurance racing style the whole rear end lifts up to reveal the engine and all rear end mechanical bits. The detail is about what you might expect at 1/64 scale - that is not too detailed, but it is always a great enhancement to be able to lift it open and check it out. Also, as a fan of Ferrari cars, I am satisfied with the color of this one - red, with a great Ferrari tampo on the tail.