Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Its a usual occurrence, when I get half a dozen new cars in such a short time period, then nothing for weeks. It doesn't stop me from looking regularly - but I get a bit disappointed when I go for more than a week or two with nothing new. So this update is just about how there is nothing new yet. For the sake of posting a picture, I present this graphic from my collecting website:

Monday, April 9, 2007

1 New Car Today

This Dodge Ram 1500 pickup in red looks much better in my opinion than the purple one. More... manly?

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Good Day For New Cars

Today was a good day for new cars. I didn't get any treasure hunts but I did find a few new models and some variations for the 2007 First Editions. They have been trickling in for the past month, today the flow was better than average.

It started when I spied the white '70 Firebird. I like a lot of the old musclecars - this one is one of my favorites. The 66 Nova doesn't appeal to me as much but I was quite pleased to see the Buick Grand National.

To be objective, I could say the design of this car is a bit ugly - but in an '80's context it has a definite "edginess".

This red Camaro doesn't look quite as sexy with plain old 5spokes.
Colour variations were found for the Shelby and Charger, as well as a Ferrari blueline.

The great surprise for me today was this 5 pack. Gotham City is the name and it contains some awesome models. The top is a bike I have not seen before, but it looks very cool. Next is the 'Batman Begins' Batmobile - one of the best for sure - it was never released as a mainline car as far as I know. Then a Viper coupe with matte black paint. The helicopter looks very cool too but I don't recognize it - anybody know about it? please let me know. And the submarine is a mainline casting from a few years ago, but looks like it fits with the Gotham theme here - I might have to open this package!