Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hot Wheels 2012 Poster

The 2012 Hot Wheels poster is out. It shows every model slated to be released this year for every series. Now we know what to look for. I have included a screenshot, and the .pdf file is available to download. There are some cool cars in the 2012 new models series that I am looking forward to. Even a couple of angry birds themed cars. Check it out!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

So Many Mustangs: Shelby GT500 Super Snake

There are so many Mustang variations that have been featured as Hot Wheels new models lately. The 2011 model year alone saw 3 different Mustang models.

'07 Shelby GT 500
One of the Mustang examples from the 2011 new models is the Shelby GT500 Super Snake. Thinking back, we have seen this body style in a few different versions in the recent past. The first appearance would be the Mustang GT Concept from 2004. Then in 2005 we saw the '05 Mustang GT.  This was followed up by ‘07 Shelby GT-500 as a 2008 First Edition.(pictured above)

2010 Mustang GT
 Then in 2009 we got the 2010 Mustang GT.
2010 Ford Shelby GT500
Shelby GT 500 Super Snake

2010 gave us the '10 Ford Shelby GT 500. And now in 2011 we get the Shelby GT500 Super Snake.

Coming soon: 2012 Laguna Seca Mustang.

I don't know about you, but I could probably not be able to tell which model is which without seeing them side-by side. The change to the striping is interesting. I appreciate the different hood scoops and vents, and I just noticed the rear side window is removed in the Super Snake. In the end I realize that I am a "details oriented" individual and so if the only change is a tweak to the fog lights, it is pretty cool to see a company like Mattel commit to bringing us those little changes.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Packaging Mistake

This is one from the "oops files". Occasionally one might come across a production blooper. something small like a car facing the wrong direction or upside down. There might be problems with the casting, assembly or painting which gets past QA. But in this case it was a matter of the car not matching the packaging. Here we have a yellow Porsche Carerra GT in a Fast Fortress package. You would think that having an image of the model printed right on the card would be a small hint. In reality, I am sure the process is largely automated but it makes me wonder how something like this could happen. Wouldn't this make a great episode of "How its made"?


Friday, January 20, 2012

Hot Wheels 2011 Year in Review

One post I never did get to in 2011 was about "the poster". Every Year we can count on a poster depicting the planned releases for the Hot Wheels 1:64 scale. Every series is here, New Models, Treasure Hunts, Track Aces and all. You might have already seen this, but if not, it would help see what 2011 was all about. Check it out, see what you might have missed:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2011 New Model Review Part 2 - Back To The Future

As promised, another highlight from the 2011 New Models. This one ties in with the previous post regarding the target demographic and power of nostalgia in everything these days. The A-Team on T.V and Back To The Future at the theaters; you have to admit the 1980's had some great entertainment for the kids of that time (a group I feel fortunate to be a part of).

1.21 Gigawatts!

Friday, January 13, 2012

2011 New Model Review Part 1 - A-Team Van

It has been a while since my last post. Life gets busy but it is always  my desire to make time to post here. I have not been idle with the collecting though. 2011 is behind us, and as we look forward to what 2012 will bring, it is time to recap on the past year. I have spent some time updating my catalog site with the New models from 2011. There are a few I have missed and I might need to check e-bay or ask around to see if they are available. If anyone wants to see what I don't have (2011 New models) and offer up any doubles I would be interested to hear from you. I will concentrate on some awesome 2012 models that have been popping up in future posts. For now, I will dedicate this and the next few posts to the 2011 New Model highlights. Here is one I'd like to share now:

If you recognize this van, congratulations, you are awesome.
Yes, the good people at Mattel have seen fit to grace us '80's children with an ample dose of nostalgia in 2011, the A-Team van being a prime indicator that my demographic still counts for something in this world.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All Time Favorite List - 1991 Porsche 930

 For an early 90's casting, this one has the right amount of detail. It feels balanced and heavy with its all metal construction. The Porsche 930 is an awesome car - an icon in the world of sports cars. It has a classic shape regardless of the scale. We have seen this one a lot, it has been released many times since its initial casting, but not lately. I haven't seen it in the Hot Wheels mainline for at least a few years so this is a great opportunity to dig them up and get another look. That is what you get with these 3 models. I like each colour choice; Orange is bold, Blue is racy and Red is classic sports car. It is hard to make such a slick car look bad - see for yourself: